Mr. Number Helps Block Unwanted Callers in Android

Ever since I left my mobile number in the suggestion box of a local restaurant, I started to receive multiple calls from many different phone numbers. A look at the phone numbers was enough to know that it is the same advertising agency trying to promote their product (mutual funds) using thousands of unlisted numbers. All the phone numbers started with 0140003 and the last few digits were different. Blocking each individual number was very difficult but if I could block all these numbers using a wild card setting, then it would work. Thinking along these lines I found out about an app able to achieve this – Mr. Number.

Mr. Number is one of the few apps that allows blocking phone numbers using wild card settings. For example, if you want to block all the phone numbers like 01400003953, 01400003952, 01400003956 etc., then you can just block 01400003??? and it will block all these thousands of numbers. Here is how:

  1. Launch Mr. Number app and touch the block-number icon on the top.
  2. Under the Hang Up section, touch the + Hang Up On Someone button.Mr Number Phone Number Blocker
  3. Enter the phone number you want to block and use question marks (?) for wild card matching to block a pattern of phone numbers.Mr Number Phone Number Blocker
  4. This is all. Now you won’t receive any phone calls from these phone numbers. The caller would think that you are hanging up the phone very soon.

Mr. Number is a great help if you are receiving unwanted calls from marketing companies having a large set of phone numbers. Using the Mr. Number app you can block one or more pattern of phone numbers instead of blocking hundreds of individual numbers.