Auto-save Pictures & Videos to Amazon Photos for Android

There are more than one reasons why we should start using cloud storage on mobile devices – for backing up documents and files, for protecting files against malware attack or memory card corruption, sharing your files with others instantly, and for adding more storage space to your mobile device. Moreover cloud storage comes very handy when you are on a vacation snapping away those beautiful memorable moments using your smartphone camera. With a cloud storage app like Amazon Photos, you can set your smartphone to auto-save all the pictures and videos to the cloud to avoid losing them or to avoid running out of disk space.

Amazon Photos is an extension of the Amazon CloudDrive and offers 5 GB of free disk space. It can automatically save your pictures and videos to the cloud in your Android device. You can also manually upload the files if you want to.

Amazon Photos for Android

As you can guess, you need an Amazon account to start using Amazon Photos. If you do not have an Amazon account, then it lets you create one account for free which comes with 5 GB of free storage. However, there are also paid plans which offer unlimited storage space for monthly or yearly subscription.

All the pictures and videos are displayed in a gallery view and you can choose to open the pictures or play the videos from within the Amazon Photos application. The auto-save option is turned on by default, so it automatically uploads all the pictures taken by you through the device camera. You can switch this option off from the app settings, if you want to manually upload the files yourself.

Amazon Photos for Android

Since Amazon Photos stores all the files on the cloud, they are accessible from any device and from any location in the world, provided you use the same Amazon user account. This makes it very easy for you to share your pictures or videos with your family members.

Conclusion: Amazon Photos auto-saves your pictures and videos on the cloud – giving you extra storage space accessible from anywhere in the world on any device. The app is powered by Amazon CloudDrive known for its reliability and resilience.

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