Restore Deleted Bookmarks from Trash in Opera

Some of us like to keep our desktop browsers in tiptop condition – history not older than a week, unnecessary bookmarks removed periodically, extensions that are no longer need uninstalled and obviously the browser updated to the latest version. There is nothing wrong in this lifestyle, the only problem is that sometimes we go overboard and end up deleting some of the bookmarks that we actually needed. By the time we realize the mistake, it is too late. Fortunately Opera has come with a solution for this in the form of a Trash folder. In the new version of Opera, all the bookmarks you delete are sent to the Trash folder which is akin to the Recycle Bin folder in Windows. As you can guess, you can restore the deleted bookmarks from this Trash folder any time you want.

If you want to delete any bookmarks in Opera browser, you can right-click on that bookmark’s shortcut in the bookmarks toolbar and choose Move to Trash from the context-menu. The selected bookmark will be deleted and it would disappear instantly.

Opera Trash Folder

Now when you want to restore any of the previously deleted bookmarks, you have to open the Opera Bookmarks page which lets you access all the bookmarks related settings. In order to open this page, you have to type opera://bookmarks in the address bar and press Enter.

Opera Trash Folder

On the bookmarks page, select the Trash folder from the left side panel and it will show you all the previously deleted bookmarks in the tiles format. As soon as you hover the mouse cursor over any of these deleted bookmarks tiles, an option to Undo delete appears clicking on which restores the respective bookmark back into the bookmarks toolbar.

Opera Trash Folder

Conclusion: Opera’s Trash folder is a good safeguard against accidental bookmarks deletion. All the deleted bookmarks can be easily restored from the Trash folder instantly.


  1. I can’t thank you enough
    I accidently deleted a whole folder …
    Now it’s back again – YIPPEEEEE !!!!


  2. thank you, this worked perfectly. i didn’t realize opera had it’s own trash and was very panicked when i found my desktop trash/recycle to be empty. it took a number of searches to find this page put i’m glad i finally did.

  3. I tried the above however it did not work for me. Will system restore to an earlier time bring my old bookmarks back? I have Windows 10 pro and Opera.

    Thanks for any assistance.

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