Know Who is Calling You with CIA Caller ID & Call Blocker for Android

It happens to everyone – we all receive some strange call in the middle of the night and as soon as we find the phone from under the cushions, the caller hangs up. Perhaps it is someone who dialed the wrong number, realized the mistake and hung up. But it could also be someone who excels in stalking skills and just wants to make you uneasy. To know who is calling when you receive calls from strange and new phone numbers, you can install the CIA Caller ID & Call Blocker app in your Android phone. This app can both identify the phone numbers calling you and block the unwanted callers from bothering you.

CIA Caller ID & Call Blocker app uses a whole variety of online sources to identify the caller and display the results to you. If a phone number is private or is not public, then it does not display any information. But if it does find the information about the phone number you are currently receiving a call from, then it displays the caller ID on the phone screen.

CIA Caller ID & Call Blocker

If someone is bothering you over the phone or you just do not want to receive calls from someone, then you can block their phone numbers in this app. In the app settings, you can switch to the Call Blocker section, type the phone number that you want to block and add it to the block list. CIA Caller ID & Call Blocker app will automatically hang up the phone if these numbers try to call you.

Apart from the automatic detection of the caller ID, you can also search for the caller ID information manually by entering any phone number in the app’s Search section and tapping on the search icon. It shows you the detailed information along with a possible map of the address associated with that number. But for some other numbers, it displays only a name associated with the searched number.

CIA Caller ID & Call Blocker

CIA Caller ID & Call Blocker app is definitely a very useful app for all the Android smartphone owners. It displays the caller ID fetched from a huge variety of sources and can also block the unwanted phone numbers easily for you.

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