How to Enhance Youtube Privacy Settings

Youtube is the number one video site in the world. Some of us spend a few minutes and some of us spend hours watching videos on Youtube. We subscribe to various Youtube channels, make comments and like the videos we enjoy. But do you know that all of your Youtube activities are visible to everyone else who can access Youtube. So just about everyone know which videos you liked and which of the Youtube channels you have subscribed. If you do not want your activities to be known to anyone else then you can set some of the privacy settings for your Youtube account in the following manner:

Youtube Logo

  1. Open Youtube website in your web browser and sign in to your Youtube account if you have not already done so.
  2. After signing in to your Youtube account, click on the user picture in the top-right corner and then on the gear-like icon to open the Youtube settings.Youtube Privacy Settings
  3. On the Youtube settings page, select the Privacy section.
  4. Check the all checkboxes in this Privacy section to make your likes, playlists and subscriptions private. Click on the Save button to save the settings.Youtube Privacy Settings

By default, all your likes and subscriptions are visible to others through your Youtube user page. But you can change your Youtube settings and make your likes, subscriptions and playlists private and prevent others from snooping into your Youtube activities.