How to View Dismissed Notifications in Android

I get hundreds of notifications from different apps in my Android smartphone every day. I do not have time or will to check all if these notifications. So I just dismiss them all if there is nothing important. But sometimes when dismissing all the notifications, you accidentally dismiss something important and then grind your teeth later. Good news is that Android keeps all your dismissed notifications if you have not checked them yet. And you can access all these dismissed notifications anytime you want, here is how:

  1. Long touch on the Android home-screen and select Widgets.
  2. From the list of widgets select Settings shortcut and drop it somewhere on your Android home screen.View Dismissed Notifications
  3. As soon as you drop the new widget on the home screen, it will show you many options for the settings in the list – choose Notifications from the list.
  4. Tap on the new widget shortcut on the home screen to open up the list of the notifications that you had dismissed earlier.View Dismissed Notifications
  5. These dismissed notifications do not carry much of the details. You can clear all these dismissed notifications by rebooting your Android device.View Dismissed Notifications

Dismissed notifications are not totally dismissed in Android and can be looked at once again through the Notifications widget. This can be useful if you have accidentally dismissed one of the important notifications.