Enjoy Comic Books on Smartphone/Tablet with ComicRack App

When it comes to tablet computers, people always think of Apple iPad, but these days Android based tablets are available in much more affordable price range. These tablets come in 7, 8, 9 and 10 inches screen size and work great as ebook readers. And you can install Amazon Kindle app in your Android tablet to turn it into a good Kindle device. But when it comes to reading comic books on your tablet, the Kindle app does not offer much help. Instead you can use ComicRack app to view and manage all of your comic book collection. ComicRack supports the most common comic book formats like CBZ or CBR.

After you have installed ComicRack app in your Android device, you can go ahead and copy all of your comic book files (with CBR and CBZ file extension) to the Comics folder on the device’s memory. Now when you launch ComicRack app, it automatically detects all the comic books and displays their thumbnails. You can touch on any of these thumbnails to open and read that comic book. The comic book is displayed in the full screen mode for easy reading and you can pinch-zoom the pages for detailed views.

ComicRack for Android

Although you can turn pages by swiping the screen left or right, you can also choose the pages from their thumbnail views which appear when you touch the “back” key of Android device. From here, you can also quickly adjust screen brightness, colors, single or double page views, rotations etc.

ComicRack for Android

ComicRack app is the only app you need on your Android based tablet for fully enjoying your comic books. It supports all the popular comic book file types CBR, CBZ, CB7, CBT in addition to PDF files.

You can get the ComicRack app from http://comicrack.cyolito.com/.