Mega : Encrypted Cloud Storage for Android

One of the ways to backup your files and expand your device’s storage is to use any of the cloud storage solutions. There are many reliable cloud storage solutions available like Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Spideroak, Dropbpox, Mega and many more. Mega cloud storage is relatively newer of them all, but it is offering a huge 50 GB of cloud storage space for free. And the Android app from Mega is also able to automatically upload your pictures taken by camera to the cloud. Moreover, Mega cloud storage is fully encrypted and is this very secure.

During the initial configuration, you can choose if you want to enable automatic camera uploads and whether to use WiFi or data plans to do so. After the initial settings are complete, you can access various sections of your Mega cloud storage – cloud drive, offline content, camera uploads, inbox, shared items, rubbish bin, transfers and more.

Mega Cloud Storage for Android

If you have chosen to auto-upload camera captures, then those pictures shall be auto-uploaded when a battery charger is connected. You can change this setting but it is very practical. Suppose you are outside and snapping away one picture after another, then you do not want to consume battery charge on uploading pictures to the cloud – battery should be preserved. But when you come back home or wherever you are staying, you connect the battery charger to your device and now Mega will upload all the pictures taken by the camera. Even when this setting is active, you can force Mega to upload camera shots through the Take picture option and then touching the cloud icon.

Mega Cloud Storage for Android

As you can guess, all the files can be sent to rubbish bin, downloaded and shared. Mega app displays a preview of all the media files. In the settings, you can set a PIN lock to prevent unwanted people from accessing your Mega app, toggle the camera upload function on or off, and choose the default download folder among other options.

Mega Cloud Storage for Android

Conclusion: Mega cloud storage app for Android is ideal for travelers, bloggers, and tourists who want to expand their device storage to be able to take more pictures or videos. It is able to auto-upload pictures or videos taken by your device’s camera and offers 50 GB for free which is more than enough for beginners.

You can download Mega app for Android from