Google Goggles : Let Google Tell More About the Pictures You Snap

Being a tourist is the best feeling in the world. You leave all your worries at home and go to a far off country to just enjoy the scenic locations and explore a new different world with a different culture. But as a tourist in many beautiful places of this world, I have often found myself unable to know more about an important place, monument or building. Not because local people do not know about such things, but because of my being a stranger to the local language. Thanks to Google a zillion times, they have now come up with a new app called Google Goggles. It allows you to snap a picture of anything in front of you and then tells you more about this picture and its location on the Google Map.

After the installation of the app in your Android smartphone, you have to enable Search from Camera setting so that it can lookup for the pictures you snap using your phone’s camera. There are also options to use the WiFi only or both the WiFi and the mobile network. In places where WiFi is not available, you should pick the latter. More accurate results can be had if you have enabled the location setting in Android.

Google Goggles

After these initial configurations, the Google Goggle app acts like a camera. You can use it to take the picture of anything that lies in front of you. The moment you snap the picture, it starts to analyze the picture and sends the data over to Google’s servers. In a few seconds, you are displayed the possible results for the picture.

Google Goggles

You can tap on one of the results in the list and check other details – like other pictures and by what name this place or thing is known. Google Google also displays a map for it, so that you can quickly locate it (which is a great help for tourists who want to go to some place by looking at the pictures of site in a book or magazine).

Google Goggles

Google Goggles is a very helpful tool for travelers, explorers and back-packers who want to enjoy the beauty that this world has to offer. Now you can snap a picture of anything from a book or magazine, and let Google Goggle be your tourist guide.

You can download Google Goggles from