Hide Pictures & Videos in KeepSafe Vault for Android

There is no shortage of nosey people in any office. Some of them have developed very subtle ways of snooping around your desk. One of my colleagues, name of whom I choose to withhold, always comes near my desk, picks up my mobile phone and asks, “Is this a new model?” Under the disguise of “checking” the new model, he goes through my text messages, pictures, videos, call history and so on, until I get up and forcibly take the phone away from him. With such experiences at my work, I have learned to password protect apps in Android as well as use the KeepSafe Vault to safeguard my private pictures and videos.

KeepSafe Vault is a free app for Android that can hide your pictures and videos and lock them with a PIN code. This way even if someone tries to pry into your mobile phone, they would not get anywhere. The KeepSafe Vault uses a PIN code to protect your pictures. This PIN has to be supplied at the very beginning when you start the app for the very first time and sign up for a new KeepSafe account.

KeepSafe Vault for Android

After this everything is as simple as taking a ride in New York subway. Just choose or create a gallery, select some of your pictures and videos and they would be instantly hidden from the general File Explorer view and saved on the KeepSafe cloud. In the free edition, you can save as many as 200 items in the cloud.

KeepSafe Vault for Android

Unhiding the “hidden” files is very similar too. Just open any picture or video and choose to unhide it by touching the export button. The selected files shall be restored back in a few seconds. If you do not want to save your files in the cloud, then you can also disable the cloud storage in the KeepSafe settings.

KeepSafe Vault for Android

Verdict: KeepSafe Vault for Android can keep your pictures and videos from being viewed by undesirable and nosey people. This also protects your private files in case your phone is lost or stolen.

You can download KeepSafe Vault for Android from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kii.safe.