Stream Live Videos in Android with Twitter’s Periscope

A few days ago we wrote about Meerkat – an online video streaming app that makes it possible to share your live video streams with your Twitter followers. Meerkat was the only option available for the Android users because Twitter had released their official Periscope app only for the iPhone. But recently Twitter has released an Android version of the Periscope app and you can enjoy streaming live through the official Twitter app on your Android smartphone. There seems to be very little difference between the iOS ad Android editions of the app, but the performance finally depends on your phone’s hardware.

Unlike Meerkat, the Periscope app does not require installation of Twitter app on your device. Instead you can authorize this app through your Twitter account from within the app. After the authorization, you have to create a Periscope account that will be linked to your Twitter account.

Periscope for Android

Once you have gone through the authorization and creation of a Periscope account, you can watch the live streaming videos by other users all around the world. Periscope lists all the current live video broadcasts for you to watch. During any broadcast, you can post a comment (unless there are too many people) or share about the broadcast on Twitter.

Periscope for Android

For your own streams, you will have to supply your live stream’s title, location and then start the live stream. As you keep broadcasting, some of the viewers may start watching your stream and post some comments. All your live streams are saved on your Periscope account unless you delete them.

Periscope for Android

Conclusion: Periscope marks the beginning of a new era where people are using live streaming to connect with each other and giving up on the old text based interaction. Now you can broadcast live video streams to all of your twitter followers using the Periscope app.

You can download Periscope for Android from