Managing Periscope Notifications in Android

Periscope is the new phenomenon that has gained sudden popularity among the young and old alike. Periscope is a smartphone app developed by Twitter that allows you to broadcast and share your live video stream to all your Twitter followers. First it was available only for the Apple iPhone users but recently the Android version of Periscope has also been released. But once you install Periscope in Android, it enables all types of notifications by default and you start to hear the whistle sounds every time someone you follow on Twitter goes live on Periscope, someone shares a live broadcast or when someone follows you.

If you do not want so many Periscope notification whistles coming out from your Android phone, then you can manage the Periscope notifications and toggle them off or on as desired. Here is how:

  1. Launch the Periscope app in your Android device and keep swiping the screen from right-to-left until no more swiping is possible. On this screen, you will see a user profile icon on the top-right corner. Touch this user profile icon to open your Periscope user profile.Periscope Notifications in Android
  2. In your user profile, you would be able to see all types of details related to your Periscope account – how many users you are following, how many users are following you and more. Touch Settings on this screen to open Periscope app settings.
  3. On the setting screen, you will be able to toggle various types of Periscope notifications like – notification when followed user goes live, notification when followed user shares broadcast, notification when a user follows you and more.Periscope Notifications in Android

Conclusion: Periscope is a great way to share the events in your life with your Twitter followers through live video streaming. But managing the notifications in Periscope properly is going to make it more fun in the long run.