Overclock GPU with Gigabyte OC Guru II

Gigabyte is the leading PC hardware manufacturer for computer systems. Many of us have desktop computers built up using the Gigabyte motherboards. If you have a PC running on Gigabyte motherboard, then you can overclock your GPU using the free software Gigabyte OC Guru II. It allows you to tune NVidia and ATI graphics cards configurations in Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1. Using this simple tool you can alter the clock frequency of GPU or the memory inside it, speed of the cooling fan, voltages of the GPU or RAM and more.

Once installed, you can launch OC Guru from the desktop shortcut. In the main interface it allows you to create many profiles – each having different configurations for the GPU. In each of these profiles, you can set the GPU frequency, memory frequency, fan speed, minimum voltage and the memory voltage. You can create a maximum of five profiles.

Gigabyte OC Guru II

It also allows you to change the OSD (on-screen display) settings of the GPU. You can choose the location of the OSD, assign a hotkey for OSD, assign a screenshot hotkey, and change the general brightness, contrast and gamma levels of the display.

Gigabyte OC Guru II

In the support section, you can choose to update the drivers, BIOS, and the OC Guru itself. This can be really useful as with each new version of the drivers or the BIOS, Gigabyte adds new features, improves existing features or terminates some of the known problems.

Gigabyte OC Guru II

When overclocking your GPU, you should make sure that your PC’s cooling fans are able to handle the extra heat generated by overclocking the GPU. An overclocked GPU gives better performance but generates more heat, so you should prepare beforehand and have excellent cooling mechanism ready for your PC. If possible always run the PC in an air-conditioned room.

You can download Gigabyte OC Guru II from http://www.gigabyte.com/support-downloads/utility.aspx?cg=3.