Palemoon Commander : Access Advanced Firefox/Palemoon Settings through GUI

Like any other web browser, when you have to customize something in Firefox (or its derivative browser Palemoon), you can access the browser settings and make changes as you want. But in Firefox browser not all the settings are given through the Firefox Options interface. Instead some of the more advanced settings have to be accessed through about:config interface. While the about:config method works great for geeks and advanced users, it can be a little overwhelming for the beginners. For them, Palemoon (a browser based on Firefox code) has come up with Palemoon Commander.

Palemoon Commander is a browser extension originally designed for the Palemoon browser, but since Palemoon is actually based on the Firefox browser – it works very well for the Firefox browser too. Through the Palemoon Commander extension, you can tinker the advanced settings in the Firefox or the Palemoon browsers.

After the installation of the Palemoon Commander extension, you can press the Alt key to make the classic menubar appear and from this menubar, you have to select Tools → Advanced Settings to open the Palemoon Commander GUI interface.

Palemoon Commander

The Palemoon Commander shows an interface similar to the classic Firefox Options interface. You can switch from one tab to another and modify all the advanced interface settings easily without having to open the about:config page.

While this works very well with most of the settings in Firefox, some of the settings may not work or can be set with wrong values. This is because the Palemoon Commander is designed to work with Palemoon and not Firefox which uses a newer code-base.

Palemoon Commander

In any case, Palemoon Commander is brings ease and comfort for all the Firefox users who have found it a little difficult to tinker with some of the advanced settings of the popular browser.

You can download the Palemoon Commander extension from