Print Webpages Better with Printliminator

Most of us just select the Print function from the browser window whenever we have to take a print out of a web page. Some of also use hotkey shortcuts like Ctrl+P to initiate the printing of a webpage. But these all actions result in the printing of all the items on a webpage – graphics, video placeholders, menus, advertising and more. The printing of such items is really unnecessary and it only increases the ink consumption of your inkjet printer or the toner consumption in the case of laser printers. Fortunately there is a way to get a web page ready before you print it in order to make it more appealing on the paper and save the ink or toner of your printers.

You can use Printliminator to make a web page print ready for any web site – even those which do not have the printing option on their pages. Printliminator is not a browser extension but a browser bookmark. You can drag the link to Printliminator bookmarklet to the your browser’s bookmarks bar to get started.


Now whenever you want to print a web page, just click on the Printliminator bookmark in the bookmarks bar. This will open up a set of Printliminator tools which allow you to remove all the images from the web page, undo all actions and apply print-ready stylesheet. You can click on various items on the web page to remove them from the web page. When satisfied with the result, you can send it to printer through the Printliminator tools.


Printliminator can make web pages look more like documents when printed out on a piece of paper. It can also reduce the ink or toner consumption of your printer by removing some of the unwanted items from the web page.

You can visit the Printliminator site at