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Whenever I have to print something, I find it much easier to print the PDF documents rather than the original files whether they are images or text files or something else. The reason for this is that the PDF documents are designed to be printed at one stage or another and this is why the PDF viewer apps have many useful options related to printing. In any PDF viewer application, be it Adobe Acrobat or Foxit Reader, you will find many interesting printing features which are not usually available when you arr trying to print an image file or a text document. This is why it is always better to convert your images or other type of files into PDF format before printing.

If you are looking forward to convert the JPEG images into PDF documents, then you do not have download or install anything either. Websites like SmallPDF can take care of all the conversion process in the cloud, without having to use any special program. This also makes SmallPDF platform independent. You can just open the SmallPDF web site and start adding your images.


After you have added one or more than one JPEG images, you will see options related to the resulting PDF document. You can choose the size – US Letter or A4, choose the orientation – landscape, portrait or auto and choose the margin – small, medium or large.


Once you click on the Create PDF Now button, it will process all the images and make the PDF file for you. You can download this PDF file right-away or upload it to your Google Drive. In both the cases the same PDF file is received.


You can visit the SmallPDF web site at

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