The Gameon Project : Find Games to Play in Android

After watching a movie like “The Man from Earth”, I sometimes long for movies similar in the story. And I realized that I am not alone after seeing various forums where people are looking for similar movies that they have just watched. I also get a similar feeling when looking for games on the Google Play store – I want to find games similar to the ones that I enjoyed the last time. But it is very difficult to go through thousands and thousands of games available on Google Play store. This is where an app called “The Gameon Project” can help you out.

The Gameon Project

The Gameon Project asks you some information about yourself – your gender, age, your likes and dislikes, the kind of games you have enjoyed before and so on, whether you are atheist, if you use facebook everyday, if you like free games or paid ones and so on. There are dozens of questions asked, but you do not have to type anything. At each step, it narrows down the games you might enjoy on the Play store. Based  on this information, it finally displays the list of various games that you might enjoy.

The Gameon Project

I found that the list of games displayed for me (using the personal information I provided), it showed very cliché games like Clash of the Titans, Temple Run 2, Angry Birds and so on. However, you can look for games based on their genre too – action games, strategy games, arcade games, casual games, puzzles and more. You can see all the screenshots and install the games listed by going to their Google Play store page.

The Gameon Project

The Gameon Project can help you find the games in the same genre or of the same type that you enjoy the most. Now you can find the best and most interesting Android games for your device instead of wasting time in playing the boring games.

You can download “The Gameon Project” app from

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