ASUS Flashlight for Android Offers More than An Ordinary Flashlight App

The smartphones and tablets manufactured by ASUS use a customized version of Android OS that uses a very eye pleasing interface called ZenUI. This customized version of  Android comes with many apps developed by ASUS that are very helpful and often have more to offer than the stock apps. The ASUS Flashlight app is one of such apps and is actually much better than the default flashlight app that comes with the stock version of Android Lollipop. In addition to the turning on the flashlight, it also has other signaling features that could be of immense use in situations where you need to seek help from others. Good news is that now this app is available on the Google Play store for all the devices – you do not have to own an ASUS device.

ASUS Flashlight app can be used as the high-beam flashlight for looking around in the darkness. This is great help during the electricity breakdowns your local area. You can also use it to illuminate some of the dimly lit spaces and corners. When it is night and street lights are not working, this app can help you find the car keys that you have accidentally dropped somewhere.

ASUS Flashlight

ASUS Flashlight app also comes with various signaling modes. You can make it flash the LED light one, two or three times in one second to send signal for help. If you are stuck somewhere and people are looking for you, then sending such a signal can be of great help. Similarly, this app has the popular SOS signal mode which sends SOS signal by flashing the LED. The SOS signal can be understood by anyone who knows the Morse code, for example, the officers from army, navy, police, marine etc., usually understand this code.

ASUS Flashlight is much more than a typical flashlight app and can prove to be a life saving app when you are stuck in situations where you need help but cannot communicate through other usual ways.

You can download ASUS Flashlight app from Android from