How to Add Dropbox to Microsoft Office Apps in Android

As was expected, Microsoft has added support for the OneDrive in the Microsoft Office Apps for Android because OneDrive is Microsoft’s own cloud storage service. But they have also made it very easy for you to access other third-party cloud storage services like Google Drive,, Dropbox etc. Using a cloud storage service in any of the MS Office apps makes it very easy to store your documents in one location and then later access these documents from virtually any device including from the Microsoft Office installed on your PC. Moreover adding two or three cloud storage accounts to MS Office in Android can easily increase your storage scope to 10 to 25 gigabytes even with the free or personal cloud accounts.

Microsoft Office Dropbox Integration

Here is how you can add Dropbox account to Microsoft Office apps in Android:

  1. Launch any MS Office app in your Android device. It could be Word, Excel, PowerPoint or any other app. Then touch Open to open a document, but instead of opening a document, touch Add a place to add a new storage place.Microsoft Office Add Dropbox
  2. You will see options to add a various types of account. Touch on Dropbox to start adding your Dropbox account. This will take you to the login screen of Dropbox where you can sign-in and grant access permissions to the Microsoft Office in your smartphone (select Allow to grant the permissions).Microsoft Office Add Dropbox
  3. Once this is done, you will have the Dropbox account as new storage location whenever you want to open a document or save a new document. This way you can open documents directly from your Dropbox account or save them directly to Dropbox cloud storage.Microsoft Office Add Dropbox
  4. You can repeat these steps once again if you want to add any other Dropbox account that you have (some people have more than one Dropbox accounts). Each added Dropbox account is identified by the email address that you use to sign-in to your Dropbox account.

Adding Dropbox (or any other cloud storage) to your Microsoft Office not only increases the storage capacity of your smartphone, but gives all the usual benefits of the cloud storage to the office apps (like sharing and accessing files from anywhere or any device).