How to Reset Microsoft Office Apps in Android

Microsoft has finally made really full blown and feature rich Microsoft Office apps like Word, Excel and their kindred available for the Android users. Although these apps are large in size and take some time to download and install, but they rival the PC version of Microsoft Office in almost all the aspects. You can create, edit, view and print any of the MS Office supported documents without worrying about the compatibility issues. Considering the size and features loaded in these Office apps, it is possible that you make some undesired changes in their configurations. For these situations, these apps have a “Reset” option using which you can reset all these Office apps back to their initial state. Here is how:

  1. Open any MS Office app in your Android device. It could be Word, Excel, PowerPoint or any other app. Then either open an existing document or create a new document.
  2. You will see the hamburger icon, touch on this icon to pull down the menu. In the menu, touch on the gear-like settings icon.Reset Microsoft Office in Android
  3. Scroll down the screen that displays the settings. You will find a Reset Office section. Touch the Reset button given there.
  4. You will be shown a confirmation box that tells you about what resettings office is going to do. It erases all the data related to all of installed the Office apps and restores the settings back to their initial state. The process might take some time, after which all the Office apps will look as if you have just installed them.Reset Microsoft Office in Android

Resetting Microsoft Office apps erases all the local data stored by these apps on your Android smartphone and resets their settings back to the initial state. This can be useful if you have messed up the settings or the apps are not working properly.


  1. I have followed the directions to reset my Microsoft Account through the “Microsoft Word, Reset Settings” Nothing has changed. My Android Phone showed the “loading icon” after I clicked “Reset Office”. However, I am still promted to reset so that i can sign back into my account. Any help would be much appreciated.

    1. You can reset the MS Office app from Android Apps settings. Open Android settings, Apps, MS Office, select Force Stop, then select Storage and erase all data.

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