ASUS Share Link : Quickly Share Files with Neighboring Devices

Sometime you have pictures, videos, documents or other types of files on your smartphone that you want to share with someone you have just met. You do not want to go through the lengthy process of connecting the devices to a PC, connect to a WiFi network, or uploading the files to some cloud storage and sharing the links. In these conditions, the only means left for sharing files is an app like ASUS Share Link. This app by the popular Android devices manufacturer ASUS creates a temporary WiFi hotspot (access point) to share the files on the fly. This means that without using any WiFi network or internet access, you will be able to share the files with your friends or colleagues instantly. Since the app uses WiFi to share the files back and forth between two or more devices, the file transfer speed is very fast.

The ASUS Share Link app must be installed on all the devices that you want to send or receive files from. The person who is going to share the files, will tap on the Send file button and then choose one or more files to be shared. You can choose all different types of files – audio, video, pictures, documents and many others. Finally, you have to tap on the Share selected files to start sharing the files.

ASUS Share Link for Android

The people who want to receive the shared files will have to open the Share Link app and tap on the Receive file button. This creates a temporary WiFi access point on your mobile phone to which the sender device will connect and the share the files. Once the receiver device is detected on your screen, you have to tap on it to start the file transfer. The file sharing takes place very quickly as the file transfer takes place on WiFi.

ASUS Share Link for Android

ASUS Share Link is a great app to have so that you can share files with your friends without using any WiFi network or internet access. This can be of great help when you have to share files outdoors where WiFi networks or mobile network is unreachable.

You can download the ASUS Share Link from