JScreenFix Helps Clear Stuck Pixels from LCD/LED Screen

These days if you go to buy a new screen for your desktop computer, then most likely you will find an LED screen. The notebook computers and mobile devices are also coming with either the LCD or LED screens. One of the problems that people have complained about the these screens is the dead or stuck pixels. A dead pixel is a point on the screen that stays black under all circumstances. Similarly, a stuck pixel is a point on the screen that stays stuck to one color all the time. If the hardware has gone bad, then there is nothing much you can do except replacing the screen. But before you dump your screen and spend money on the new one, you can try a simple trick of flooding the portion the dead or stuck pixels with random colors in an attempt to make the stuck pixels work again.


JScreenFix is a web app that can do this for you. You can visit the JScreenFix website and click on the JScreenFix button. This will make a small floating window appear in the web browser where pixels are randomly changing colors very fast (called “pixel fixer” by JScreenFix). This looks like the color TV screen when displaying white noise. You have to drag this floating window to the portion of the screen where dead or stuck pixels are present. You are supposed to run it for at least 10 minutes.


This fast changing colors of the pixels could force the stuck pixels to work normally once again. JScreenFix, being a web app, can be used in all types of devices – desktop computers, notebooks, smartphones, tablet computers etc. In the following screen shot, I am running it on my Android smartphone.


JScreenFix is a simple attempt to recover the stuck pixels on an LCD/LED screen. But this may not be enough for repairing the screen if the damage has been done at the hardware level. Nevertheless, you should give it a try before throwing away your otherwise working computer screen.

You can visit the JScreenFix website at http://www.jscreenfix.com/.

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