Clipboard Master Enhances Storage Capacity of Windows’ Clipboard

These are the days when everyone is using one or other kind of cloud storage – both on the desktop computers and the mobile devices. The cloud storage increases your file storage capacity to almost an unlimited level (if you use more than one cloud storage services). But at the same time the temporary memory storage called clipboard is still limited to one item at one time in the Windows based computers. This could be seriously counterproductive for some of us who have to edit and write new articles everyday. This is where the Clipboard Master could prove to be of immense help.

Clipboard Master is a Windows application that enhances the storage capacity and functionality of the Windows’ clipboard. Unlike the Microsoft supplied clipboard that is limited to only one item at one time, Clipboard Master is able to store as many as 10,000 items in the clipboard simultaneously.

Clipboard Master

Text, images, documents, website links, files and folders that you copy in Windows or a Windows program are automatically added to the Clipboard Master clipboard. The newest entry is always added to the top of the list in the clipboard. You can access these entries by pressing the default hotkey Win+V. The small window that shows all the entries also displays a preview of the clipboard items if possible.

You can also access Clipboard Master from the system tray icon by clicking on it once. From this menu, you can access the clipboard and the fixed clipboard (from this items do not disappear even after system reboot). There are other useful things for use in your documents available from this very menu, for example, letter closings, special characters,  date and time, HTML characters and so on.

Clipboard Master

Clipboard Master may look a little overwhelming in the beginning, but soon you get the hang of it and find it very easy to use. It can save you from one of those “oops” moments when you accidentally overwrite the contents of the clipboard only to regret moments later.

You can download Clipboard Master from