Increase Size of Screen Font in Android

Recently, I fell in love with reading ebooks on my new Android tablet – all over again. I mostly read the novels in the genre of mystery and romance. Some of these are available on the Google Play store, but I also enjoy reading books from the Amazon Kindle app. Besides these novels, I also sometimes check out the new comic books being released on the comiXology app that we earlier covered on this website. The only headache of reading books on an Android tablet is that the screen font size is not big enough. Reading novels, comics or anything for that matter using small fonts can actually cause headache and strain in the eyes.

This is where the Big Font app comes into play – it is able to change the screen font size in your Android device. Although this app also shares the name with another Big Font app that we talked about a few days ago, this app is a little more straightforward in its approach. After installing the Big Font app in your Android device, you can tap on the minus or plus signs to decrease or increase the font sizes respectively. This app is able to reduce the font size to 50% of the normal size. Similarly, it can increase the size of the screen font to as much as 300% of the regular size.

Big Font for Android

As can be expected, the font size change does not take place instantly. Instead, you have to restart your Android device for the change to take place. After a reboot, you would be able to see the bigger font size (or smaller) as per your preferences. If you can take the continuous bombardment of advertisements in the Big Font app, then it is a great way to increase or decrease the screen font size for you Android devices.

You can download the Big Font app from