Colorfy : Coloring Pages for Grown Ups

It is a common misconception that only kids like to play with color. Had that been true, how would we have great artists like Monet, Picasso or Van Gogh. They all created their masterpieces while playing with their paint brushes and the canvas. But you do not have to go to a school of fine arts to start playing with colors. You can pick up some pastels and some white paper and you are ready to go. And if you do not want to lay with real paper, then you have many alternatives available on your smartphone or tablet. There is an app called Colorfy for Android devices that could be used as a coloring book for everyone including kids and the grown ups.

The Colorfy app has some of the painstakingly created drawings available in many galleries, like floral, mandals designs, oriental patterns, animals, famous paintings, exotic, etc. You have to select one of these galleries and then pick one of the coloring pages. From the top of the screen, you can choose colors and touch the parts that you want to fill with the selected colors. You can do undo and refill the colors as many times as you want.

Colorfy : Coloring Pages

Once you have created your masterpiece, you must share it with others because it is considered a social courtesy to share your art with others. You can share your finished piece with others over the Instagram by touching the upload button displayed at the bottom-center of the app.

Colorfy : Coloring Pages

Colorfy app for Android is very simple way to distract yourself from all the hullabaloo of the everyday life around you. It can help you reduce daily stress and help you concentrate your mind on more important things in life. And of course, it can be as entertaining as you make it out to be.

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