Make Android Smartphone Chime Hourly with Cuckoo

I used to have a digital wrist watch back in my high school days that would beep every hour and made it very easy to know that another hour has passed. This is very useful for students during examinations as they can know how much time has passed without repeatedly looking at their watch again and again. Sadly, with those classic wrist watches, their features have also started to disappear. Now instead of wearing wrist watches, we all carry smartphones in our pockets. Fortunately you can still have the hourly beeping feature in your Android smartphone using the Cuckoo app.


The Cuckoo app for Android chimes hourly with original and cool sounds to keep you aware of the passing time. After installing the Cuckoo app in your smartphone, you can just switch it on by tapping on the On-Off flip button and it will be ready to chime the next time clock hits the hour. You really have nothing else to do for it to work. You can tap on the Play Preview button to listen to a preview of the chime that will be played.

Cuckoo Chimer for Android

If you do not like the default chime selected for you, then you can change it through the settings. In the settings, you can select a chime of your like from a list of eight free chimes (cuckoo clock ring, cuckoo clock2, gamelan, gong, grandfather clock chime, radar ping, rooster, wrist watch). You can also get more chime sounds but you will have to pay for more sounds.

Cuckoo Chimer for Android

You can also change the time duration for which the chime is played (by default the chime is played only for 10 seconds). Similarly, you can prevent the chime from being played late at night when you are sleeping by adjusting the operation hours for Cuckoo.

You can get th Cuckoo app for Android from

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