Batch Compress Images with FILEminimizer Pictures for Free

I am very fond of traveling to places that I have not seen before. I often visit countries that offer a cultural experience that is very much different than what is offered by my own native land. I always take my Nikon digital camera to capture the scenic beauty of these magnificent places. But the captured image files are too large to share online with friends over the social network. So what I do is compress these images first and reduce their file size and then share them easily over the internet. I use many programs for compressing the images, but the one that use for batch compression of the images is FiILEminimizer.

This program, FILEminimizer, can take multiple images and compress them all in one go. It supports all the popular image formats like GIF, JPEG, BMP and TIFF etc. The first step is to click on the Open Files button in the toolbar and select all the source images that you want to reduce in size. In the next step, you have to set one of the compression levels – Low/Print compression, Standard compression, or Web/E-mail compression. The low/print compression keeps the quality very high and file size is not much reduced. On the other hand the web/e-mail compression focuses more on the reduction of the file size and compromises on the image quality. The standard compression is somewhat in the middle of the other two compression levels.

FILEminimizer Pictures

Once these steps are completed, you can click on the Optimize Files button and let it handle all the compression process. All the compressed files are appended with FILEminimizer in their names. You can change this behavior in the program settings along with some other settings like image resizing, image file replacement and more.

FILEminimizer Pictures

FILEminimizer Pictures is a free tool that helps with batch compression of multiple images in one go. It can handle many different image types like JPEG, GIF, TIFF, BMP, PNG and EMF. It offers three compression levels targeting the three main uses of pictures – printing, archiving and sharing online.

You can download FILEminimizer Pictures from