Recover Forgotten Facebook Passwords from Browser

I use facebook almost every day and  enjoy sharing my daily activities with friends along with passing comments and views on what others have been doing. Last time I signed in to my facebook account in my desktop browser was many many months ago and I did not bother memorizing it. But when I wanted to login to the facebook app in my Android smartphone, I could not remember it at all. One way to recover the facebook password is through the official facebook password recovery page. But if you have stored the password in your web browser, then you can quickly recover it using the Facebook Password Decryptor.

Facebook Password Decryptor is a password recovery tool from securityXploded that can search the stored passwords in various web browsers and decrypt them to show you your facebook password. It supports many of the web browsers like Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Flock, Seamonkey, Safari and more. It is able to work in both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows.

Facebook Password Recovery

As soon as you launch the Facebook Password Decryptor, it starts to scan through the usual storage locations for various web browsers installed in your computer. This process may take some time and might be longer if you have multiple web browsers installed. It soon populates a list with all the detected web browsers, the facebook usernames and the passwords (if it is able to decrypt them).

You can right click on any of these passwords displayed in the list to copy them to the clipboard. You can also export the detected passwords list to the HTML, XML, CSV or TEXT file formats for transferring to other systems, printing them out using your connected printer or for future use. Care must be taken when storing these password lists because using these passwords anyone can sign in to your facebook account.

You can download Facebook Password Decryptor from