Cool Down Your Phone with Cooler Master for Android

Scientists and environmentalists are blaming the global warming for hot weather all around the globe. People in UK are experiencing a summer hotter than never before. The US is seeing an unusual heat wave and drought like conditions in some places. South Asia is fearing the dreaded El Niño this year and situation is not very good in some countries like Cambodia. With such hot weather ahead of us, we should take special care of our smartphones and prevent them from overheating. If you can keep the phone temperature at a moderate level, then it will last longer and the battery will also have a longer life.

Cooler Master for Android

The easiest way of keeping the phone cool like a cucumber is to install the Cooler Master app in your Android smartphone. The app shows the current temperature of the phone in a dynamically updated graph. It can be run both in the manual mode and the automatic mode. In the manual mode, you have to scan all the running apps that could be causing the CPU from working in the background and thus generating more heat than normal. You can start the scanning of such apps by tapping on Detect Overheating Apps button.

Cooler Master for Android

When the apps are shown in a list, you can select which apps you want to close down and then tap on the Clean Up button to forcibly close them. It also offers an option of “long time cooling” which automatically closes down any apps that consume too much CPU power and raise the phone temperature. The same option can also be configured from the setting section of the app. In the settings, you can also choose the temperature unit (Celsius or Fahrenheit). You can also whitelist apps so that they are allowed to run in the background even if they use CPU power and add to the temperature rise.

Cooler Master for Android

You can download Cooler Master app from

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