Delayed Lock Postpones Lockscreen in Android

In your Android smartphone, you have to keep a balance between the security and the ease of operation. If you enable stricter phone lock policy and choose PIN or password lock, then you have to enter the PIN or password every few seconds or minutes when the phone gets automatically locked. But if you try to avoid this annoying password or PIN prompt every few minutes you want to unlock the phone and choose the swipe lockscreen, then you would be making your phone less secure. Fortunately there is a way to make your Android smartphone much more comfortable to use without compromising on the security – through using the Delayed Lock app.

The Delayed Lock basically postpones the lockscreen for some time once you have successfully entered the password, PIN, pattern etc., to unlock the device. When you short-press the power button or it gets automatically turned off, the Delayed Lock prevents the phone from being locked and just turns off the screen. This way it saved you from the annoyance of entering the PIN, password, pattern etc., repeatedly every few minutes.

In the Delay Lock app, you can choose one type of the lockscreen – PIN, password, face-unlock, pattern etc. You can also enable the admin permissions which gives this app much more control over your device, but also requires your phone to be rooted. You can choose the time duration for which the lock should be postponed. You can also set conditions which determine the phone lock postponement like certain WiFi networks, geo-location, bluetooth devices etc.

Delayed Lock for Android

Now when you unlock the device by entering the password (or pin or pattern etc.), the phone gets unlocked and it is now allowed to be locked again depending on the conditions set in the Delayed Lock app. You also see a lock-disabled notification message that also allows you lock the device or enable the lock manually overriding the Delayed Lock configuration.

Delayed Lock for Android

In the settings for the Delayed Lock app, you can choose if the device should be wiped after failed locks, whether the settings should be protected, require manual lock at-least one time in case of WiFi, Bluetooth or location conditions, vibrate the device when locking and more.

Delayed Lock for Android


Delayed Lock app for Android provides the ease of use to the device user without compromising the device security. In fact, it actually boosts the device security by making the user choose a better and more secure lock method.

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