Using Sony Playstation Controller on Windows PC

I play computer games on both the Sony Playstation and my Windows PC. And there is no fun playing all these cool games without a nice game controller like the one that comes with Sony Playstation. It would be great if we could use the Sony Playstation game controller on the Windows PC too. Actually it is very much possible using a special software called Better DS3. It allows you to connect your Playstation controller to your Windows PC and configure it to be used with any games of your choice on Windows. Using various many different profiles and controller mappings, it can be used for specific games.

Sony PlayStation Controller on PC

In order to use the Sony Playstation with your Windows PC, you can follow these steps:

  1. Download the MotionJay drivers for Playstation Controller and install them in your PC. These drivers are signed so you do not have disable any signed driver check in Windows PC.Sony PlayStation Controller on PC
  2. Connect your Playstation controller to your PC via a standard USB data cable that connects to the controller on one end and to the USB port on your PC on the other end. The game controller will be detected and installed in Windows. If you do not want to use the USB cable, then you can connect the controller over Bluetooth (for this you need Bluetooth dongle in your PC).
  3. Download Better DS3, extract the portable application and launch it. MotionJay comes with its own GUI interface, but Better DS3 is much more updated.Sony PlayStation Controller on PC
  4. In the Better DS3 interface, you can choose the connected DS3 controller (there is only one) and then change its configuration. It displays the battery state of the game controller and you can choose one of the profiles depending on how you want to use the game controller. You can even edit these profiles to your own requirements.
  5. Whenever you want to turn off the Playstation controller in your PC, click on the Power off button in the Better DS3 application and unplug the USB cable connected to the controller.

Using these free third party drivers and applications, you can use the Sony Playstation game controller on both your Playstation and the Windows PC. The drivers and Better DS3 application work with all Windows versions from Windows XP to 8.