Easily Disable Hello, Pocket and Reader in Firefox

In the latest versions of Mozilla Firefox, they have added many components like Hello, Pocket and Reader that are very useful for some users but have annoyed some of the other Firefox users. We have earlier posted about how you can change the preferences values in Firefox to disable Hello, Pocket or other components. But for this you have to open about:config, look for the preferences that control these components and then change their values. A much easier way to toggle these components on or off is through a Firefox extension called Disable Hello, Pocket & Reader+.

This extension for Firefox basically makes the same changes in the Firefox preferences as you would make manually to disable or enable Hello, Pocket or Reader. But this extension does everything automatically so it is both easier and time saving. The extension itself is restart-less, but after it makes changes to Firefox preferences you need to restart Firefox so that these changes can take effect. You are shown a confirmation box before Firefox is restarted.

Disable Hello Pocket Reader in Firefox

By default, the extension disables all the three components (Hello, Pocket and Reader). But you can choose which of these components are to be disabled and which to be kept enabled from the add-ons settings page. You can place a check-mark in from of any of these components – Hello, Pocket or Reader – to enable them. Again this would require the restart of Mozilla Firefox for the changes to take effect.

Disable Hello Pocket Reader in Firefox

The Disable Hello, Pocket and Reader+ extension for Firefox makes it very easy to toggle the Hello, Reader or Pocket components that may not be very useful for some of the Firefox users. You can also choose to selectively disable or enable one or more of these components with the help of this extension.

You can download the Disable Hello, Pocket and Reader+ extension from https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/disable-hello-pocket-reader/.