View Saved Instagram Passwords with SterJo Instagram Password Finder

Instagram is perhaps installed on the smartphones of all the teenagers today. They love to take their selfies and share them with all of their friends. For some now, Instagram has made a web app edition available to the users so that they can access Instagram from the comfort of a notebook or desktop PC. This also makes easy to find your Instagram password in case you have forgotten it. If you choose to save the Instagram password in a web browser on your PC then you can recover then using a third party program called “SterJo Instagram Password Finder”. This program works with all the popular web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera.

SterJo Instagram Password Finder is available both as a portable Windows executable application and also as an installable setup program. For using it properly, it has to be run with administrative privileges or it will keep giving errors and simply won’t be able to find any passwords. In order to run it with administrative privileges, you can right-click on the InstagramPassword.exe and select Run as administrator from the context menu.

SterJo Instagram Password Finder

After launching the program, you have to click on the small lock icon in its toolbar to start scanning the default storage locations of different web browsers installed in your PC for stored Instagram usernames and passwords. In a few seconds, it displays all the found Instagram passwords in a list that contains the usernames, passwords and the web browser in which they were found to be stored. You can right-click on any password or username to copy them to the clipboard. There is no option for saving or exporting the entire list of usernames/passwords to some file, but you can copy the entire list to clipboard and paste it in Windows Notepad to save it to a text file.

SterJo Instagram Password Finder helps you view the Instagram passwords you have stored in any of the web browsers installed in your PC. It allows you to copy the usernames and passwords to the clipboard, but does not have any exporting options. It can be helpful when you have forgotten the login credentials for your Instagram account(s).

You can download SterJo Instagram Password Finder from