DiskLED is Disk Activity Indicator for Windows

When your PC is not responding, then the first thing you look at is the disk activity LED. If the LED is blinking, then the computer is busy in some file operation that is taking time and the only thing you can do is sit back and wait. But this all is possible only when you can actually see the disk activity indicator LED in your PC. What if it is malfunctioning and LED is damaged, or the PC cabinet is sitting at such an angle that makes it very hard to observer the LED light? In those cases, you can find the small DiskLED tool very useful.

The DiskLED tool is a small Windows application that can show the disk activity information by blinking a virtual LED in the notification area of Windows. The DiskLED tool is portable and you do not have to install anything on your PC. Just download the DiskLED zip archive, extract it to a folder and launch DiskLED.exe from there. It works perfectly well on both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows.

DiskLED Tool

The small rectangular icon of the DiskLED tool resides in the notification area and turns green to indicate disk activity. When there is no disk activity, it stays black. By default, DiskLED indicates the disk activity for all the disk drives including the network drives. But you can configure DiskLED and choose specific drives for which the activity LED would be blinked. In fact, you can choose detailed disk activity source and the icons used by the tool for displaying in the notification area.

DiskLED Tool

DiskLED can be a temporary replacement for the disk activity indicator LED light on the PC. It places an icon in the notification area that blinks in the green color to indicate the disk activity.

You can download DiskLED tool from https://goo.gl/jb7yIg.