Set Default Outgoing Server in Mozilla Thunderbird

Mozilla Thunderbird is the first choice of the people who check their email messages from multiple email accounts regularly. You can add as many email accounts that support POP3 or IMAP protocols in Thunderbird, and one everything is set, you can just launch Thunderbird to check your new email messages in all the accounts all at once. This is not only convenient and comfortable, but also secure to access your email accounts via Thunderbird. You can also use it to send email messages. By default, when you write and send an email message in Thunderbird, it uses the first added email account for sending that message. For example, if you have added account before any other account in Thunderbird, then it is taken as the default outgoing server account and all new email messages would be sent via

Fortunately, it is very easy to configure Thunderbird and change the default outgoing server, so that new email messages are sent via the email account of your choice. Here is how you can set the default outgoing server in Mozilla Thunderbird:

  1. Open Mozilla Thunderbird and click on the hamburger icon (that looks like three horizontal lines) in the top-right corner to pull down the menu. From this menu, choose Options → Account Settings.Thunderbird SMPT Server
  2. This would open the account settings window where you can see all the added email accounts. On the left side, select Outgoing Server (SMTP) which can be found at the very bottom of all other settings.
  3. You will see all the available SMTP servers that can be used to send email messages. One of these would be set as the default SMTP server and you can identify it by the (Default) written next to it.Thunderbird SMPT Server
  4. Select the server that you want to set as the default outgoing server and then click on the Set Default button. Click OK to save and close the settings window.

Changing the outgoing email server in Thunderbird email client is very easy. By changing the SMTP server, you can send the new messages through the email account of your own choice.