Add Stunning Effects to Pictures with Filtery One Touch for Android

Even though having a decent digital camera is very important for snapping highly detailed pictures of people or places, but this is not enough anymore. For having really mesmerizing pictures you need to add some effects to your pictures that make them stand apart from those taken by everyone else. And when it comes to adding photo effects, people always come to think of GIMP or Photoshop. But when you have an Android smartphone, you do not need these professional software and a high end computer just to add some effects to your pictures. You can use the Filtery One Touch app in your Android smartphone or tablet to add some stunning effects to your pictures in just one touch.

The Filtery One Touch app for Android is as easy as it can possibly be. It opens up with options to either use your device’s camera to snap a fresh picture of you, your friends or something else, or to use the pictures already stored in your device storage. Either way it lets you select one picture to work on. As soon as you select a picture, it adds all the available effects and shows you a preview of these effects and you can go through these by scrolling your screen up and down.

Filtery One Touch

Some of these effects are available for free while others are available only in the paid version of the app. You can choose one of the available effects and it will show a full screen preview of your picture with that effect applied. You can choose to add this effect and go back to selecting other effects – this way you can apply more than one effects to your selected picture. When you are done adding effects, you can save the picture to your device, share it with other people or post it on instagram.

Filtery One Touch

Filtery One Touch gives you access to many nice photo filters or photo effects that can make your pictures more beautiful and appealing than their plain versions. If you share your pictures on social networking sites, then it is a must-to-have app for your smartphone.

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