Repair Computer Mouse That Makes Too Many Accidental Clicks

I must have bought more than a dozen mice so far of all different types including both the cheap ones and the expensive ones. Whether they are cheap or expensive, these mice work only for about a year and then start to show some problem or other. The most common problem that I have come across is when the mouse is making multiple accidental clicks – you click on a file to select it, but it makes double-click and the file opens up; you try to close one window, but it clicks several times and closes all the windows, and so on. The problem is that the micro switches inside the mouse (that make your left and right mouse buttons) have worn out. Fortunately, you can easily replace these micro switches and make your mouse work like brand new again.

For replacing the mouse micro switch, you must have basic knowledge of soldering and de-soldering  of electronic components. You would need Phillips screw driver, soldering iron, solder wire, screw driver etc., not to mention the spare micro switch itself. You can buy cheap micro switches for mouse from Amazon or eBay. You can also salvage working switches (the middle mouse button rarely gets used, so it is always in good condition) from your older mice. After this proceed in the following manner:

  1. Unplug the USB cable of the mouse from PC. Use a screw driver to open up the mouse case. Usually there is a only one screw at the bottom that needs to be unscrewed and the whole thing opens up.Repair Mouse Micro  Switch
  2. Carefully remove the circuit board without applying too much force. Note down the location of the faulty mouse button and mark the switch that needs to be removed.Repair Mouse Micro Switch
  3. Use soldering iron to de-solder and remove the micro switch from the circuit board. Be very gentle with the circuit board and all the components on it. Do not pull the USB cable when trying to remove the micro switch.Repair Mouse Micro Switch
  4. Replace the old micro switch with a brand new one. You can buy the new micro switches online from eBay or Amazon. They cost around US$1 for one or two switches.Repair Mouse Micro Switch
  5. Place the new micro switch on the circuit board with terminals matching up correctly. Then solder it carefully. Make sure you have soldered the switch in correct orientation or the button will not work.Repair Mouse Micro Switch
  6. Assemble the mouse back  in the same order as you opened up and took it apart. Screw the mouse case and plug the USB cable into your PC. Check if the button works as expected.

If you have an expensive computer mouse that cost you fortune but is now ailing from multiple accidental clicks syndrome, then you easily repair it without spending anything at all. With some basic soldering tools and a cheap micro switch, you can give new life to your old computer mouse.