Get Rain Forecast with Rain & Snow Alert for Android

It happens so many times that weather is with no chance of any rain, but as soon as we step outside it starts to rain in torrents. Usually I do not mind a little rain shower once in a while, but heavy rains are not really my choice of weather at all. This is why it is very important to keep yourself informed of the rain related forecasts in your area. There are many apps that can give your regular weather forecast, but they do not give specialized rain forecast and even if they do, they have to be configured for a particular area or city. The free app Rain Alert for Android addresses both of these issue without any problem.

The Rain & Snow Alert app is the only app you would need for your rain forecasts. This app does not bother you with any settings or configurations. You can just install the Rain & Snow Alert app in your smartphone and forget about all of your rain forecast related requirements. You can toggle the Rain & Snow Alert app on or off from the app though. And you can also change the forecast checking frequency (every hour, every 3 hours, every 6 hours and every 12 hours) and the language in which the alert will be shown (English, Dutch, Spanish, German and many more).

Rain & Snow Alert for Android


You do not have to configure the location, region or city that the app checks for rain forecasts. The app determines your current location automatically either through your current IP address or through the GPS service. Once it fetches the rain forecast, it shows an alert in the notification area of the Android device. You can check this notification to see th details. This way you can get the alerts in any place you go without having to make any changes in the settings.

Rain & Snow Alert for Android

Rain & Snow Alert app is a must app for you if you live in a place known for unexpected rains like the London, UK. With the help of the Rain & Snow Alert, you can hope for staying dry even when others are soaking wet in those sudden showers.

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