Open Links from Mozilla Firefox in Google Chrome in One Click

I keep my online browsing compartmentalized for different browsers both for the sake of the security and for the comfortability. For example, I do online shopping in Google Chrome while I do my everyday browsing in Mozilla Firefox. It has become a habit for me now. This could be a little tuckering sometimes, for example, when I find something interesting to buy online while browsing in the Firefox, I have to manually open the same in Google Chrome. But now thanks to the “Open with Google Chrome” add-on for Firefox, now I can just click on the add-on’s toolbar button to quickly open the same link or web page in Chrome browser.

Obviously, for this extension to work, you need Google Chrome to be installed in your computer. This extension just passes the selected URL to Chrome command line so that it can be opened in Chrome browser. The extension is no-restart add-on, so it starts to work without having to restart Firefox. After you have installed the “Open with Google Chrome” extension in Firefox, you can just click on the Chrome button in the toolbar to open the current webpage from the current tab in the Chrome browser.

Open in Google Chrome

You are not limited to using the toolbar button to open the webpage in the Chrome browser. You can actually right click on any link, image, or tab and choose Open in Chrome to open the selected items in Chrome browser. You can open all the open tabs, by right-clicking on any of the tabs in any Firefox window and selecting Open Tabs in Chrome. This opens all of these tabs in Chrome browser. If you want to open only one tab, then you have to click on the toolbar Chrome button.

Open in Google Chrome

In the extension options, you can choose the Chrome executable location. By default, this location is set to the default install folder of the Chrome browser, but if you have some portable version of Chrome, then you can choose that folder in the extension options. You can also choose to hide the toolbar button from here.

Open in Google Chrome

Some sites work smoother with Chrome browser and others in Firefox, and the “Open with Google Chrome” extension allows you to open any sites in Google Chrome from within the Firefox browser, giving you the best of the both worlds.

You can download “Open with Google Chrome” extension from