Left Mouse Button Fix : Software Fix for Worn Out Mouse Buttons

We have already posted about the permanent hardware fix for worn out mouse buttons that could be causing accidental multiple clicks or multiple double-clicks. But the problem is that not many people can fix their mouse by opening it up and then de-soldering the faulty micro switch and soldering the new micro switch. Many people do not even have a soldering iron or know how to use it properly and safely. So what about all those people? What choice do they have other than throwing away the malfunctioning mouse and buying a new one? Well, there is one little thing that you can try before you go spend more money on the mice – you can use a little program called Left Mouse Button Fix.

As you can see by the name of the program itself, that this works only for fixing the left mouse button that has worn out and is causing multiple double-clicks. It cannot fix the malfunctioning mouse’s right-button clicks. Even though the program is severely limited, it can still be used for preventing those annoying multiple double-clicks.

Left Mouse Button Fix

This is a portable program but is not fully standalone as it is designed using the .NET framework. You can download it on your computer and launch it. It starts to work right away – you do not have to do anything else. The program does have one Start button and one Stop button using which you can start and stop the double-click prevention measures. It also displays the number of double-clicks fixed by the application. If you have a faulty mouse, then this number increases very fast and you do not really feel the hardware problem that exists in your mouse.

The application can be minimized to the notification area of the Windows. You can left-click on the program icon in the notification area to open its main interface. I wish there were more features like fix for the right-click button and ability to auto-start with Windows.

Left Mouse Button Fix

Left Mouse Button Fix is a nice attempt at damping down the multiple-clicking problem arising from the worn out micro switches inside a computer mouse. It can make your faulty mouse work for a few months more. But since the problem is within the hardware (micro switches), it is not a permanent solution. For permanent and long term fix, you will have to replace the worn out micro switches inside the computer mouse.

You can download the Left Mouse Button Fix from http://www.experienceit.pl/download.