NegativeScreen Inverts Screen Colors Smartly in Windows

There is only so much you can do with your Windows Desktop – add new wallpapers, install new Windows themes and change windows colors. And pretty soon when you have done it all, you find your Windows PC screen very boring to stare at. There must be something new and fun that you can do to your PC screen. Fortunately, there are others who think along the same lines and one of them has actually created a crazy tool that can invert the colors of your screen. This tool aptly called NegativeScreen uses many smart algorithms to smartly invert the screen colors.

NegativeScreen is available as a portable tool and works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows. You can just download it, extract the binary from the downloaded archive and launch it. It instantly inverts your screen colors. You might feel a little confused by all the color inversion at first, but you can always toggle the NegativeScreen by using the hotkey Win+Alt+N or by clicking on its notification area icon.


NegativeScreen offers many types of color inversion methods that you can choose by right-clicking on the NegativeScreen notification area icon and selecting one of these modes, e.g., simple inversion, smart inversion, negative sepia, negative grayscale, negative red, red or grayscale. Each of these modes uses a different method to calculate the inverted colors for your screen.


You can even add your own modes by editing the configuration file (right-click on the notification area icon and select Edit Configuration). You must have some knowledge of color matrix transformations. All you have to do is add a color matrix at the end of the configuration file. For example, in the following screenshot I have added a color matrix that does Polaroid color transformation.


NegativeScreen can transform your screen color the same way some popular image editors do that for images. This can be both fun and useful for special projects, e.g., you can actually see how your documents would look if printed in the grayscale mode.

You can download NegativeScreen from