Enabling the Text Reflow Mode in Microsoft Word for Android

Microsoft Word is the best app for viewing, editing and creating all the Word supported documents on your Android device. But since most of the mobile phones have screens of no more than 5 inches in size, it becomes really difficult to work with Word documents in them. The difficulty is not only in typing in the words into the document but also in viewing the documents. This is because Microsoft Word keeps the text reflow mode disabled by default. Without the text reflow mode enabled, the text does not automatically fit on your screen and you have to scroll the document horizontally from left to right to read all the text. You can enable the text reflow mode in the Word app for Android to make reading the documents much easier.

Word App Reflow Mode in Android

Here is how you can enable the text reflow mode in the Microsoft Word app:

  1. Open any MS Office app in your Android device. It could be Word, Excel, PowerPoint or any other app. Then either open an existing document or create a new document.
  2. You will see the hamburger icon, touch on this icon to pull down the menu. In the menu, touch on the gear-like settings icon.
  3. Scroll down the screen that displays the settings. Touch the flip button that says Start Word in Reflow view to the On status.Word App Reflow Mode in Android
  4. Touch the back soft button in your Android device multiple times to close Word. Now if open any Word document, it will be opened in the text reflow view mode.

The text reflow mode of the Microsoft Word app makes it easy to read documents on small screen devices as the text fits the device screen and longer lines wrap around your screen. It also makes it very comfortable when you are editing or creating new documents as you can see the while document while typing.


  1. When I open a Word document on my new Android, there is no “hamburger” icon, only the three dots menu option in the upper right hand corner. (Also, “edit: free drawing, and search) When I tap the options (three dots) icon, those options are “Share, Properties, Zoom, Print, and About”. My old android phone had “Text Reflow” in that list of options.

  2. Does not seem to work on a tablet (Galaxy tab S3). No reflow option in settings. Very strange, the screen is still fairly small so reflow mode would be very usefull.

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