Password Protect Android Apps with AVG Antivirus

If the stock Android lacks some feature it is the selective lock down of individual apps with a password, so that when you do not want a particular app to be used by unauthorized people, you can password protect that app. This could be useful for protecting your data when a kid innocently plays with your phone or when someone intentionally tries to snoop into your personal files or messages. Fortunately, AVG Antivirus for Android offers this App Lock feature using which you can password protect any app you want. This way you not only get the protection against malware but also protect your apps from unwanted access.

AVG Antivirus Pro App Lock

Here is how you can quickly password protect any app in your Android smartphone using the AVG Antivirus Pro:

  1. Open the AVG Antivirus Pro app in the smartphone and select the Privacy icon.
  2. The Privacy screen offers everything related to privacy protection. On this screen, select App Lock.AVG Antivirus Pro App Lock
  3. You will see a long list of all the apps installed on your smartphone. Select the apps that you want to password protect.
  4. You will be asked to set a password for App Lock. This password is to be used for unlocking your apps later, so memorize this password or you won’t be able to open the locked apps. This is one time step. Later you can just choose the apps to lock them down.AVG Antivirus Pro App Lock
  5. Once this is done, your selected apps will be locked down with the password. Try opening any locked app and you will be asked for the App Lock password to access that app.

AVG Antivirus Pro has many features and the App Lock is perhaps one of the most useful features in my opinion. With the App Lock, you can easily password protect any app instantly and protect them from being misused by people.

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