Search and Follow People on Instagram Web App

There was a time, when Instagram used to be available only for the Apple iPhone users. Then they created an app for Android users too. Soon they followed with a web app for accessing Instagram using any web browser on your PC. But the web app was severely limited at first – you could not follow people or search them, comment on shared pictures or like them. Now gradually, Instagram has started to make more and more features available to the Instagram web app. Recently, they have added the most-awaited search function to this web app. So now you can search for people or organizations on Instagram right from your notebook or desktop computer.

The search box is available right on the top of the Instagram web interface. Using this search box, you can now look for user accounts, people’s names, hashtags, locations, businesses and more easily. This way you do not have to remember the exact account name of the person you want to follow, you can enter the partial account user name or that person’s actual name to search for their accounts. The search is shown in form of a drop-down list from where you can click on any of the search results to view those accounts.

Instagram Web App Search

When the user account is displayed, you can browse through all the shared pictures or videos, comment on them, like them or report the objectionable content (if you find any). You can also follow any person by clicking on the Follow button from here.

Instagram Web App Search

With the new search function now available via the web app interface, even the desktop and notebook users are able to use Instagram to its full extent. With the search available in the web app, it has now become very much equal to the mobile app version of Instagram.