SterJo Firefox Passwords Displays Passwords Stored in Firefox

Mozilla Firefox, like many other web browsers, allows you to store usernames and passwords for various websites. When you enter the usernames and passwords on a website, Firefox asks you if you would like to save the passwords for later use. If you choose to save the passwords, and visit the same site again, then the username and password fields are automatically populated by Firefox for your convenience. Although, you can view the saved the passwords in Firefox from the settings, you can also use a third party program called “SterJo Firefox Passwords” to detect and show all the usernames and passwords stored in the default Firefox profile.

SterJo Firefox Passwords comes as both a portable application and as an installable program. It has to be run with administrative privileges or it will keep giving “File/Path Error” and closing down by itself. In order to run it with administrative privileges, you can right-click on the FirefoxPasswords.exe and select Run as administrator from the context menu.

SterJo Firefox Passwords

After launching the program, you have to click on the small lock icon in its toolbar to start scanning the default Firefox profile for stored usernames and passwords. In a few seconds, it displays all the found passwords in a list that contains the websites, usernames, passwords and the number of times these passwords have been used by you in the Firefox browser. You can right-click on any password or username to copy them to the clipboard. There is no option for saving or exporting the entire list of usernames/passwords to some file, but you can copy the entire list to clipboard and paste it in Windows Notepad to save it to a text file.

SterJo Firefox Passwords can easily show you all the passwords you have stored in your Firefox browser. It allows you to copy the usernames and passwords to the clipboard, but does not have any exporting options. It can be helpful when you have forgotten the login credentials for a website.

You can download SterJo Firefox Passwords from