View Individual Tab Memory Usage in Firefox

Mozilla has been working hard to improve the Firefox browser. In the latest version update of Firefox, they have done many memory management modifications for improving the overall memory consumption by the browser. As a result the version 39.0 of the Firefox browser uses relatively lesser memory than the former versions. You can check the memory consumption of Firefox browser through the Windows Task Manager. However if you want to view the memory usage by individual tabs in Firefox, then you can use a Firefox extension called “Tab Memory Usage”. This extension displays the memory consumption of each individual tab in the tab headers, so you can view the memory usage all the time.

Tab Memory Usage extension works out of the box. You do not have to configure anything or change any settings. After installation, you will be able to see the memory consumption right in the tabs title. The memory consumed is displayed in terms of megabytes. If some of the web pages are using too much memory, then you can know right away by just looking at the individual tab titles. In the following screen-shot, you can see that New York Times website is consuming 19.9 megabytes of memory while is consuming only 10.9 megabytes. Ironically, the Tab Memory usage website is consuming more than other sites.

Tab Memory Usage

In the add-on settings for Tab Memory Usage extension, you can configure if the memory consumption should be displayed before or after the site titles in the tab. By default the memory consumed is shown before the site titles. You can also choose memory delimiter for separating the memory usage from the website titles. There are three choices for the delmiters – : (colon), |(pipe) and – (dash).

Tab Memory Usage

While the Tab Memory Usage extension does nothing to reduce the Firefox memory consumption, it gives a good approximation about how much memory each of the tabs are using in the Firefox browser. It can come handy when Firefox memory usage is soaring high and you have to close some tabs to smoothen things out.

You can download the Tab Memory Usage extension for Firefox from