Capture Website Snapshots in Any Browser with qSnap

Sometimes we have to capture screenshots of a webpage to include in reports or share with friends, but it is not easy to capture the webpages using ordinary screenshot tools. Fortunately there are web browser add-ons that can expedite the web capture without much hassle. The free cross-browser add-on qSnap is one of such browser extensions that makes it easy to capture visible or full webpages into JPG or PNG images. It also comes with an integrated basic image editor that allows you to crop, annotate, add call-outs, add notes, cover sensitive information (by blurring some portions of the image). The screen captures can be shared online, saved to your computer, or printed on your connected printer.

The qSnap add-on is a cross-browser extension and is available for all the popular web browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Opera, and Apple Safari. After installing the qSnap add-on, you can click on the qSnap icon in the browser toolbar and choose if you want to capture the entire webpage or just the visible portion of the webpage.


The captures screenshots are then opened in the qSnap editor which then allows you to add annotations, arrows, rectangles, circles, text, call-outs, blur the sensitive information and crop the image. You can undo your changes at any time and also load existing JPG or PNG images in the editor for editing them. When you are done editing, you can click on the Share button and choose to share the files, save them to local computer or print them.


In the options of qSnap, you can choose hotkeys for capturing the visible portion of the webpage or for capturing the entire full length web page. By default, these hotkeys are Ctrl+Alt+P and Ctrl+Alt+V respectively. You can also choose the image file format (JPG or PNG) for exporting the screenshots and their picture quality.


qSnap is a very useful and feature rich webpage capture utility available in form of browser extension. It works for many of the popular web browsers and allows you to edit the screenshots right inside the web browser itself.

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