Always Launch File Explorer with “This PC” in Windows 10

Windows 10 has many improvements over the earlier versions of Windows. One of these is the introduction of the Quick Access in the Windows File Explorer. Through the Quick Access, you can quickly select and jump to the most frequently used folders or other locations in your computer. It is more like the Favorites folder of Windows 7 or 8. When you open File Explorer from its taskbar shortcut, you are taken straight to the Quick Access so that you can quickly open your most often used locations. But if you do not find Quick Access that must helpful, then you can change the settings and make File Explorer open This PC instead.

This PC in Windows 10 is the new name for My Computer of the Windows Vista/7/8 and Computer of Windows XP. In addition to including all that Quick Access offers, This PC also offers access to the various disk drives available in your computer. Here is how you can change settings to open This PC instead of Quick Access when you launch File Explorer in Windows 10:

  1. Launch File Explorer from the Windows taskbar. Expand the ribbon by clicking on the downward icon () displayed near the top-right corner.Make File Explorer Open This PC instead of Quick Access
  2. Switch to the View tab and click on the Options near the right end of the ribbon.
  3. In the Folder Options window that opens up, change the setting for Open File Explorer to from Quick Access to This PC.Make File Explorer Open This PC instead of Quick Access
  4. Click on the OK button to save the settings. Now close all the File Explorer windows and try launching it again from its taskbar shortcut – this time it will open with This PC in view.

File Explorer opens Quick Access by default in Windows 10. But you can make it open This PC instead if you are not happy with Quick Access. However if you are not happy with either, then you will have to create your own special shortcut to open a particular folder of your choice.