How to Switch Windows 10 to Tablet Mode

Starting from Windows 8, Microsoft had finally started to design their operating system software to fulfill the needs of the touchscreen devices and the tablet computers. And I think they have finally achieved perfection in the newest version – Windows 10. This new version of Windows includes a feature that lets you switch back and forth between the Desktop mode and the Tablet mode. This is a great way to make the most of your touchscreen computer as you would be able to use it both as a conventional computer using keyboard and mouse, and as a tablet computer through the touchscreen.

Here is how you can toggle the tablet mode in Windows 10:

  1. Click on the Start button on the Windows desktop and select Settings from the Start menu.Windows 10 Tablet Mode
  2. In the Settings window that opens up, click on the System icon.Windows 10 Tablet Mode
  3. Select the Tablet mode from the side menu and then flip the on-off switch to the ON state that reads “Make Windows more touch friendly when using your device as a tablet”.Windows 10 Tablet Mode
  4. That’t it. Enjoy Windows 10 in the tablet mode.

Windows 10 can detect automatically whether you have installed it on a tablet computer or a desktop computer during the installation and switches to the tablet mode on its own. But even if you have installed it on a desktop or notebook computer with touchscreen, you can still enjoy using Windows 10 in the tablet mode through this simple tablet mode friendly feature of this new OS from Microsoft.