Cache Disabler : Toggle Cache On or Off in Mozilla Firefox

Cache in any web browser refers to the storage of data for future use. This is useful when accessing the same websites again and again. Since the downloaded website data is stored in the browser cache, it is fetched much faster when you access that site in the future. Of course, there are many caveats about how the data is accessed, for how long it is stored and how much data is stored in the cache. While it is a useful element for the web browser, it can be analyzed by anyone having proper software tools to find out the web pages that you have been visiting.

To prevent the privacy from being compromised when accessing sensitive websites, you can toggle the cache off temporarily. This is very easy to do in the Firefox web browser using the Cache Disabler extension. This extension installs a small icon in the Firefox toolbar. Clicking on this icon, you can toggle the browser cache on or off.

Cache Disabler for Firefox

When the cache is turned off, the icon changes to show a small red “off” in the toolbar. By default, the Cache Disabler disables or enables both the disk and memory cache in Firefox. However, you can change the options for the extension and make it disable/enable either one or both of them. To do this, you have to open the about:addons page in Firefox, select the Cache Disabler extension and choose the cache type options from there.

Cache Disabler for Firefox

Cache Disabler extension can be used to quickly turn off the cache function in Firefox. It is useful when you do not want Firefox to store website cache as well as when you do not want to use the old cache when accessing the sites.

You can download the Cache Disabler extension for Firefox from